Before & After: JB’s New Deck

October 3, 2013

garden makeover before and after from

What a difference a floor can make!  This makeover,  found at Normal Room (an Australian site for sharing house projects), proves that a garden can be radically changed with the introduction of a unifying floor.  While what existed before wasn’t particularly bad…it could be described as a little manky and rough around the edges and I think you will agree that this ‘after’ is quite a bit better.

garden makeover before and after from

The new pretty redwood deck is sleek and clean and ties in the existing pond a whole lot better.  I could easily imagine enjoying the sound of running water  here while I drink my morning cup of coffee (bare foot in a robe…whereas I wouldn’t want to have stepped  shoeless onto that brick).  But I think the true star of this makeover is the back wall.

wooden garden fence wall with candles

Cleaning up the space by attaching horizontal strips of wood while leaving open areas for candles is an easy DIY that has a lot of impact. – Rochelle

garden makeover before and after from

garden makeover before and after from www.pithandvigor.comIf you have a great before & after that you’d love to share with the Studio ‘g’ community,send us a few photos and a brief story!

images from Normal Room 


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  1. Debbie Feely says:

    Wow! this one is amazing! I thought the before was great, I would have been happy with that had I not seen the after. What a change!

  2. Jen says:

    Wow—it looked nice before, and I’d have been content with that as well, but the after is marvellous! What a great job.

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