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Influential Women Landscape Designers You Should Know

Last week, in reaction to a recent article on LandArchs Network, a discussion broke out on a friend’s facebook page (article here, discussion here).  The story was about 10 planting designers to know, and as remarkable as all the people on the list are, the reality of there only being one woman (Beth Chatto) on the list struck a nerve (not just with me but with many other women in this industry).   The resulting discussion revealed so many names of women that could also have been on the list.  Since I knew so few them, and I wish I knew more of them, I had to write them down for future reference. Here is my list of women landscape designers you should know:

I’d like to interview each one, learn from them and hear their stories (hopefully in this lifetime) but until each of those meetings can happen, I will keep this list.  As I have the opportunity to connect with them I will ultimately link these names to those tales and interviews.


Influential Women Landscape Designers You Should Know - Sarah Raven

The range here is pretty vast as styles go, but I think it is a good start (though surely there are amazing women who are missing).  Let me know in the comments who else should be added and I will update.


image Sarah Raven in her Cutting Garden.


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  1. Pam/Digging says:

    Rochelle, I felt exactly the same way when I read that list. In fact, I left a comment to that effect on Garden Rant’s Facebook page when they linked to the article, saying, “Only one woman, and she ‘amass[ed her] extensive knowledge of plant ecology through her late husband.’ Are there really so few women doing interesting things in garden design?” It didn’t spark a discussion there, but I’m glad to see that it did elsewhere. I’ll go check out the discussion you linked to.

  2. rochelle says:

    Thanks Leslie — I will add Rebecca to the list!
    Pam – so odd that it didn’t spark more discussion…. Carrie’s thread is certainly an eye opening and interesting crowd sourced list.

  3. Monique says:

    Hi Rochelle,
    I think Carrie Preston of Toop Tuinen should definitely be on your list. A very passionate designer with whom I’m sure you will have a great and interesting talk if you get to meet her.
    Good luck with all.

  4. Matt Mattus says:

    So glad that you are not an over-achiever nor a type A personality!
    Of course, now I am curious, and I too will need to check out each of these designers. Thanks for the exhaustive list – what were they thinking, anyway? I could argue that many of the finest garden designers are women!

  5. rochelle says:

    Matt – Busted – but I try to keep it chill 😉

  6. CM says:

    Isabelle Green

  7. CM says:

    Sorry – Isabelle Greene

  8. Nell Foster says:

    Rochelle – It’s great to see such a long list of women planting designers all with websites to check out. We as women have such a connection to the earth. Thank you Vita for leading the way!

  9. Kaveh says:

    Penelope Hobhouse is absolutely one of my favorite garden designers and garden historians. I just purchased the DVD set of her series from the 90’s called The Art & Practice of Gardening because I no longer have a VHS player to watch my old tape set.

    The late Rosemary Verey is another great choice.

  10. Great list, Rochelle, & nicely presented with the websites. Looking forward to learning about those designers I’m not familiar with.

  11. Thank you so much Rochelle!

  12. Thomas Rainer says:

    Great list, well curated. I’m a huge fan of so many . . .

  13. Jeff says:

    And you should have this wonderful lady’s work on her too: Sandy Clinton. FASLA

  14. Naomi Goodman says:

    I would add two more to this list – Gertrude Jekyll and a contemporary designer – Shirley Alexandra Watts. Just saw her speak last week in Seattle and she was great!

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