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Hey There! I’m Rochelle Greayer. I’m a garden designer on TV and IRL. I’m also an author and entrepreneur who thinks she can save the world by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design.






Jonas Wood at David Kordansky Gallery

I make little resolutions all the time so especially at the New Year I try to remind myself of those things I’ve been working towards since forever.
I have this recurring art buying resolution theme that I annoyingly have struggled to follow through with. I mean its like shopping, right? why do I have such a problem?
It is a two-part issue – one part finances, the other part confidence. Since my college days (when this little personal meme started) I’ve now arrived at a point where I can financially move beyond Urban Outfitters posters in Ikea frames, but I can’t seem to break the habit – or even fully convince myself that I should (honestly there is some cool stuff there – for the money – please tell me I’m right).


The confidence thing is probably the biggest issue at this point.  I can start to scratch together the money – but I am terrified to make a buying mistake (I’ve got a lot of crappy old posters in the attic to prove this point).  So here is my new resolution – start writing about art that I love.  Maybe posting it digitally will help me sort out pieces that I should buy for real?

I don’t know – it’s worth a try.

Jonas wood art by @davidkordansky gallery via

So Jonas Wood – yep – I love everything he does –  except for the pictures of sports stuff with people in them.  (I’m really good at talking about art as you can clearly see).  I’ll try to keep this as painless for you as possible.  I like the colors, I like the bold graphic nature of it, I like the patterns. No, I love the patterns.  And planty things always sort of grab my attention – so that helps too.

Lets hope I get better at this.

Jonas Wood Mural in Culver city LA by @lilystockman via
He’s exhibiting at the David Kordansy Gallery in LA until Jan 10th. He’s from Boston – I wonder if he has done something like this mural in his hometown? I’d go out of my way to occasionally happen past it.  I’ve sleuthed this is somewhere near 2685 South La Cienega Boulevard in Culver City, CA.   And not only is the mural cool, but this photo of the mural is also pretty fantastic don’t you think?  Adding in the overgrown Jade plant looking tree and the teal Mercedes –  seems like nice composition. (that’s a good art discussion word… right?)

Mural photo by @lilystockman, other images from @davidkordanskygallery.

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