Learn From The Pros: Make a More Imaginative Deck with Reclaimed Materials and Stylish Elements

March 21, 2015

Decks do not have to be boring and the living space they create can and should be imbued with a sense of style that looks like something other than a furniture or deck builders catalog.  If you question how to achieve something a bit more interesting, personal and chic, I offer this project by Andersson-Wise Architects in Austin, Texas as an inspiration source.  Let me break this down for you a bit for a quick inspiration take-away.

Anderssen Wise bunny run boat dock - How to plan a moe interesting deck - via www.

Take-away Ideas:


1) Use reclaimed materials to add detail.  The whole project need not be a rustic relic, but elements – (particularly things that are part of the basic construction – like framing joists, for example)  added here and there will add depth and patina to a newly built project.


2) Don’t be afraid to paint the wood.  Here the paint is on the ceiling and made to resemble a kilim rug, but it could just as easily be on the floor, or on a shade wall, or even on the side of the house.  It’s just paint, it’s not permanent, so don’t freak out about it – it is an easy way to express some personal style and you can change it pretty quick.


3) Vary the wood.  Interesting texture and design can quickly be added by introducing varied wood widths and lengths.  These walls boldly create a pattern that allows shadows and light to constantly modify the experience.  A garden can take advantage of the elements in ways that interiors can’t so try to use it your advantage.


4) Bold items like lanterns, cushions, color, and furniture will add personality.  Mix up styles (here modern details such as cable railings are softened with rustic finishes and mixed with more thematic items like the large light fixture and Balinese furniture – all to create something unexpected and exciting).  In the outdoors, it is sometimes easier (than when working on something indoors) to be bold with color and size so try to be brave.


What sort of inspiration are you drawing from this?  I’d love to hear. 

Images from Andersson-Wise architects – check their website to see more details of this project.

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