St Patrick’s Day Celtic Garden Design Inspiration

March 8, 2015

When I wrote my book last year, I considered so many different styles of gardens to discuss.  

There where quite a few that didn’t make the cut – for no other reason reason but that there were simply too many.  

So, in light of the upcoming holiday of St. Patrick’s Day (which, here in Boston, seems to rank a close second behind Halloween on the list of ‘Holidays That New Englanders Go Crazy For‘) – and because I have a whole list of interesting things to share on the subject of Celtic and Irish inspired garden design, I will be posting a little series of all things related over the next few days.

Celtic Garden Inspiration image by Michael Bianchi

This here is a revived post from way back 2009 (Sometimes I can’t believe how long this blog has been a part of my life) where I gathered some Celtic and Irish garden design inspirations and garden details from Flickr to get you in the mood.


Images:  Top image by Micheal Bianchi (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)  Grid: 1. Smiling Snake, 2. Celtic in Detail, 3. colmcilme 11-6-5 013.jpg, 4. Celtic Garden Stone, 5. “Celtic Worldview” by Thomas Glendon, 6. colmcilme 11-6-5 041.jpg, 7. Untitled, 8. Celtic symbol, 9. Old style country cottage, 10. Shamrocks, 11. maze detail2, 12. Pottery by Penny Sewell, 13. Celtic Symbol, 14. Vesica piscis, 15. Kilquade Sheela Na Gig, 16. Celtic, 17. Abbey House Gardens, 18. Celtic Spirally Wrought Iron, 19. Dublin Garden Celtic Knot Labryinth, 20. Triquetra, 21. Malmsbury Abbey House Formal Gardens

More Ideas for Irish and Celtic-Inspired Gardens

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  1. Delphine says:

    Hi !
    I love your blog so much ! Many ideas, great inspiration source & beatyful work ! Bravo ! Sorry for my bad english. I tag you on my (french) garden blog, Paradis Express.

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