The Spring 2016 Issue

February 24, 2016


I’ve got cause to celebrate – the Spring 2016 issue of PITH + VIGOR is shipping next week!

Seriously, we made it to 5 issues – and that feels really nice.

If you aren’t subscribed, or perhaps your subscription has expired (that is anyone who was an indiegogo subscriber for 1 year) – you might want to make sure you renew.  (I’ve put the instructions at the bottom of this post)

This issue was the smoothest and least stressful of all (which is not to say it didn’t come with its fair share of anxiety meltdowns, long days and late nights). But I think it is also the best yet –  I hope that means I am getting better at this?  Check out the line up:


I was recently told by a (rather cynical) colleague that in the media world, making it to 5 issues isn’t really a huge accomplishment – its more like a minor woo hoo (lowercase).

It is apparently 10 issues that traditionally solidifies your place in the world and is something to really feel good about.  I’m not sure what to make of this and despite the fact that I know I should blow this comment off completely for the slightly mean girl cyclical yuckiness that it drips with, I think about it often.

I wonder if this old school attitude applies to projects that aren’t funded by big media corporations (I’m guessing this number probably comes from a derivation of an investment strategy rather than an a grassroots effort). I also wonder if this sort of measure is even interesting.

I wonder if this rule can apply to people as much as it is meant to apply to titles.  I also rail against it because it tempers my enthusiasm and it is my nature to outright reject anything that flies in the face of my passion projects.

The fact is, there are too many variables and just about every bit of accepted wisdom in the media world has been turned upside down in the last decade.  It often find it interesting to know that the experience I’ve gained over doing 5 issues of Leaf Magazine and these 5 Issues of P+V is a an independent entrepreneur is as enlightening and relevant as the experience of any top media executive.

Plus 5+5 = 10 – so I think I’ve solidified….something.

For my point of  view, it seems that the landscape is changing too constantly to rationally think that any old rules are applicable to the new order.  But I’d love to hear from you about your current experience with print publications (not books, just periodicals).  Are you still reading paper magazines?  Are you renewing subscriptions or cancelling?  Are you reading magazines online or perhaps, have you found a completely different outlet (not a magazine at all) to indulge in?  Where are you getting information?  What are you reading?  




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