Two Must-Follow Instagrams for Beautiful Summer Garden Craft

13381114_105786863178986_129332127_nDespite three days of rain earlier this week, many of my plants are struggling. We are in serious drought mode. I refuse to irrigate the flower beds, instead, as things fail, in what seems like ever hotter and drier summers, I am inspired to explore different plants and styles that thrive with my evolving conditions. But in the mean time this is one of those years where you feel you should cut your losses and find new fun things to do with what you have left.

I’ve been eyeing the weeds, the less cultivated plants, and things that easily self seed because of their capacity to thrive despite drought. These plants are often wilder and that often means they have extensive traditional uses.

collection of images by emma mitchell via


A couple of instagram accounts have been inspiring me with these sorts of plants. Emma Mitchell  is an editor at Mollie Makes, the popular crafting publication.  Her instagram highlights her naturalist side. There are lots of beautiful plants inspiring even prettier watercolor illustrations and wild summery collections. Looking through it makes me imagine filling my pockets with wildflower seeds, cutting holes in the bottoms, and leaving the makings of beautiful wildness in my wake.  And then coming home to calming cup of tea.


collection of images by rebecca desnos via


Rebecca Desnos’s feed is similarly relaxing and soothing in this summer heat.  She is a natural dyer – using plants and soya milk to create ethereal patterns and soft colored fabrics and jewelry.   She even has an ebook about her methods if you are looking to learn something new in this slow days of August (check the link in her insta profile).   I love that she is experimenting with things like birch leaves and avocado skins to find new hues.   Both of these talented ladies are unsurprisingly in England – it seems that I have some sort of cosmic connection there. I’m always finding inspirational designers and people there.

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