Rally Monsters – Get Rid of Monkeys (A Note About Procrastination)

Why Designers Procrastinate

Can we discuss procrastination for 5 seconds?

I’ve been procrastinating the revival of this newsletter for many (many!) months.

What do I want it to be? Schedule? What do I want to achieve? Font? Will you like it? Format? Will I love it? Can I bare to share?…

(Overthinking is a primary form of procrastination)

I’ve needed to get unstuck.

This morning I watched this:  It’s 13 funny and helpful minutes – YOU SHOULD WATCH IT TOO.  (You could reasonably be forgiven for procrastinating something else in order to watch)

The result: This email note exists. (Issue #1 of an as yet *unnamed* P+V newsletter bulletin thing).

This is a lift-off. I’ve created Momentum. Deadlines are in place, and there is something to build on. I feel so much better!

Do you have a notion that something in your life needs to move? Be different? Change? Do you have a project or a goal that you need to make progress on?

You don’t have to say it; I already know the answer is yes. And I’m not just talking about your garden or a landscaping project.

Watch the video – it talks about how you can rally some (proverbial) monsters to drive away some the crazy procrastination monkeys.  It will help.

Post Note: *This is Issue 1 of the P+V weekly newsletter.

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