Is This the Perfect Writer’s Retreat or Garden Designer’s Office?

This is an exciting option for an extra room at your home, particularly if the budget is tight and you need some dedicated and quiet workspace.  I imagine this affordable garden shed as a perfect place to write, or perhaps if you are a garden designer needing an inspiring office in the landscape. There are many office garden pod designs but this one has an intriguing DIY pricepoint and plans. As well as a design that would make it work with any house’s architecture.

Designed by Burd Haward Architects, this self-assembled, pre-prefabricated kit is available for £5,000 (about $7500).

Modern exterior office space with large windows overlooking a garden.

My favorite detail is the corner window that you face when you sit at the desk.  You can choose what type of planting to grow over the external mesh to camouflage the recessed ply walls and roof.

Compact wooden interior of a small living space with a single bed, desk, and shelves.
The Plywood interior is warm and comfortable, providing a desk to work and a place to relax.

Architectural evolution of a small house from foundation to completed structure with landscaping.
Assembly plans for The Green Garden Room. A single-room structure that can affordably be built in the landscape to provide a workspace or a small retreat.

From the Designers :

The Green Room is a pre-fabricated garden room, conceived as a take on the traditional garden shed.  Its economic, simple pitched volume is clearly expressed internally and externally.  Internally, the room is lined with ply and has built-in ply furniture: externally a galvanised mesh is applied that encourages planting to grow up it, camouflaging the walls and roof, leaving just the large projecting window & door visible. 

The Green Room is fully insulated and heated, and provides a warm, dry, light and low cost additional space for living and working.  Two have been built to date, and a further three commissioned. The design has potential to be developed as an ’off the shelf’ product for mass production.

A modern extension with large glass windows on a traditional brick house, overlooking a garden.
Covered in a metal mesh, the green room garden building can be completely ensconced in vines, making the building itself disappear into the foliage.

What would you grow on the building?

Here are some ideas if you aren’t sure: Roses, Trumpet Vine, Clematis, Hops, Honeysuckle – or maybe all of the above?

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  1. Katie Stephenson says:

    One word: wow!

  2. Susan aka Miss R. says:

    Me likey! I’d grow ideas in the shed…

  3. louise garwood says:

    I Love the invisiblity of the structure- definitely would put the hops and akebia and clematis ternifolia for fall poofy blooms.

  4. Emma Day says:

    I grew up with a Jade Vine (Strongylodon macrobotrys) hanging over an old pergola outside the back door – extraordinarily beautiful. One day I’ll have one in my garden. South Africa

  5. R Reavley says:

    I am about to create a garden studio, so that I can move into it, to design my jewellery. I currently have one in the house, but will turn that into a bedroom. This has given me ideas for a hidden hideaway studio/meditation hut , so that I can design and create!!!!!!! This is so wonderful, love the sky light. Thank you

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