The Woodland Container Garden by Francoise Weeks

April 5, 2024

Can we all agree woodland gardens in miniature form would be a wonderful new trend in container gardens?  

A vertical composition of woodland garden flora and fauna elements arranged artistically on a white background.
A woodland container garden display blurs the lines between container garden, floral arrangement and mini landscape. Designed by francoiseweeks

A vertical composition of assorted natural elements from a woodland garden, including moss, wood, and orange berries, arranged on a wooden base to form a decorative piece.

Woodland inspired containers — not just a mixed palette of lichens, moss, twigs and woodland plant wonder, but taking the scheme right down the side of the container is just plain wonderful!  

A rustic woodland garden floral arrangement with driftwood, berries, and foliage on a wooden surface.
A stump of gnarled wood serves as the vessel for this woodland arrangement. There are a combination of cut flowers and textural branches, as well as some living elements in many of francoiseweeks designs.

It is easy for me to envision this sort of thing in my home or another residential setting, but I think it would be fantastic if we could imagine these as big city street planters.

They would be like little islands of nature in the middle of the urban jungle. Their tactile nature, texture, and mix of materials are inviting in a way that the typically colorful set of annuals that usually grace our streets are not.

I have a few containers that I am quite frankly tired of and am wondering if I might be able to transform them into something like this. Wrapping them in bark, moss and lichen – but in a way that the living elements can continue to thrive.

The level of detail and beautiful things to look at whether you are 20 feet or 2 feet away is extraordinary and such a pretty twist on the creation of container gardens.  To me it is a cross between the terrarium, the traditional container garden and floristry — perhaps with a twist of the vertical garden theme.

lichen and woodland plants inspired container garden via

These were created by Francoise Weeks who also offers classes on the subject if you are in Portland Oregon.

A book titled "Wonder of the Woodland Garden" by Françoise Weeks, featuring a cover with a floral arrangement on a wooden table against a greenery backdrop.
Francoise Weeks new book is available early in 2024. Purchase it here.

More Inspiration for Container Gardens and Woodland Garden Ideas:

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  1. Vista Village Pediatrician says:

    I’m amazed with this flower arrangement. I commonly see some flowers and leaves used for flower arrangement but not moss, twigs, and lichens. Does it use floral foam too or can you arrange it soil pots?

  2. Sybil Phillips says:

    I would try both but soil in pots might be more of a guarantee that the plant materials would survive.

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