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As a professional designer I've helped countless clients make sense of what to do with their outdoor areas for over 18 years and I can help you too.

Garden Design Boot Camp and Planting Design Boot Camp work hand in hand and don't repeat content.  Many people take both (in which case, I'd recommend starting with Garden Design Boot Camp) but if you are already happy with your garden's layout you may just need some help taking it to the next level with Planting Design Boot Camp. 

Start From Scratch And Learn How To Create A Plan For Your Own Dream Garden.

Do you have an outdoor space but no idea what to make of it?

Are you tired of bare earth, overgrown areas, and missing a potential garden or outdoor living room? Do you feel like you have no idea where to start?

I will help you end the overwhelm and make a plan.

I need a master plan for my garden. Sign me up!

Garden Bootcamp


Garden Design Boot Camp is the DIY alternative to hiring a garden designer. In this course, I'll walk you through the same process that I use as a designer to establish a long term design plan for a home garden or yard.

Landscaping is expensive and hiring in help isn't always in the budget. Or maybe you just want to learn the basics of garden design. Either way this course will walk you through the technical side as well as the creative and inspirational side of creating a master plan for your garden.

At the end you will have an overall plan for your outdoor living space that you can use to start breaking out smaller projects to tackle or that you can use to get help from construction professionals. 

Transform Your Garden From Drab To Magazine-Worthy Without Hiring A Landscape Designer

Planting Design


Transform from a timid fearful gardener (who may not even know a hydrangea from a hosta!) to a confident artist who paints with plants (ok, that is a bit hyperbolic, but it sounds so romantic and inspired doesn't it?).

But seriously, I will give you all the tools and a straightforward system to transform your empty (or weed-filled, or mish-mashed messy) planting beds into a cohesive garden that works for you. We cover it all and you will graduate with a plan that you can use to go shopping for plants that you love and that will thrive in your garden. (Actually, we go over successful plant shopping and installing too).

Current students of either Boot Camp course can login here.

Create Beautiful Planting Schemes & A Stunning Garden Without Wasting Your Time & Money On The Wrong Plants.

Planting Design Boot Camp is an online training designed to take you by the hand and walk you step by step through the world of planting design.

Figuring out what to plant, where to plant it, and how to design a cohesive and beautiful garden area is intimidating if you've never done it before. But fear not! Planting Design Boot Camp is your secret weapon.

I want to learn to design with plants. Sign Me up!

It Is Decided - We Will Call It The Garden Design Guild! 

Imagine a smart, online series of in-depth mini classes delivered monthly. Not just from me, but me hosting the Garden Design industry's most interesting experts, assembled to teach us exciting new things.
Get on the waitlist for launch details. 

I can't wait! Expected launch: Fall 2019.

The Garden Design Guild

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Hi, I'm Rochelle Greayer and as a professional garden designer for over 18 years, I have helped countless clients make sense of what to with their outdoor areas and I can help you too. 

I've designed residential and hospitality gardens (for hotels, restaurants, and spas) across the USA and in the UK, Europe and the Middle East. After many years of lecturing on garden design topics, the online PITH + VIGOR Boot Camp series was born in early 2018.

Through my blog, social media, and online courses (Garden Design Bootcamp and Planting Design Boot Camp) I help homeowners learn how to confidently design and create home gardens that reflect their own personal and unique style.

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Each Boot Camp runs twice a year. Once in the spring, and once in the fall. Sign up to be notified when the next class is running.

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