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Cornerstone Gardens & Artefact Design and Salvage

How I did not know of this place before now, shames me.   I have been to CA so many times, but never to wine country, which I have always wanted to do for it’s own sake, but now I have even greater reason.  Cornerstone Gardens and it’s neighbor, Artefact Design and Salvage. Cornerstone is listed in the 1001 Gardens You Must See Before You Die book as it is “the first gallery-style garden exhibit in the United States.”

They also do events, I love these pictures of the tents…the draping over the lights is such a great idea and the sea of white roses must have been magical for the bride that got married that day.

Cornerstone Gardens Tent

Cornerstone Gardens & Artefact Design and Salvage

So many of the great landscape architects and garden designers of our time have designed areas at Cornerstone, creating a series of walk-through gardens showcasing new and innovative designs.  When commissioned, each artist was given the freedom to create anything from traditional gardens to modern, conceptual installations. Each designer was provided a garden parcel of approximately 1,800 square feet, a few practical considerations and infinite opportunity.  Amongst the designers are:
Marco Antonini, Roberto Capecci, Rafaella Sini, Pamela Burton, Andy Cao & Xavier Perrot, Claude Cormier, Topher Delaney, Walter Hood & Alma DuSolier, David McCrory & Roger Raiche, Rios Clementi, Yoji Sasaki, Mario Schjetan, Martha Schwartz, Tom Balsley, Ken Smith, Andrea Cochran, and the firms  Moore Iacofano Goltsman, and Oehme, van Sweden.


The Cornerstone complex is also the home to Artefact Design and Salvage .  I am very inspired by their flicker photostream…they have so many unique pieces available to make your outdoor living area special.

Artefact Design and Salvage

1. Terra Cotta Yard, Italy, 2. Artefact Exterior, 3. Sandstone Spheres, 4. Artefact Exterior, 5. Showroom 9/29/08, 6. Tamarind Balls, 7. Triangle table corner final, 8. DSCN0342, 9. Doors, giant, 10. Stone vessels, 11. Bomarzo, 12. Verona Marble sidewalk slabs

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  1. Cornerstone is just a few miles from my house.
    I go there often .
    The display gardens are in a stage of flux, but that was the intention. They were not meant to be permanent ‘art installations’ ( not to be confused with ‘gardens’) .
    Some of the installs are fresh, viable and standing up to their design intent.
    Others should be definitely taken down and replaced with a new design / designer. They have run their course and are in poor decline.

    There is more than just one store within the complex besides Artefacts Salvage Boutique, but they have the largest retail space and their ‘shop-scaping’ is pure stage art to the finest degree.
    I often take photographs of their tablescapes and merchandise collages.

    Equally intriguing are the shops “Translations Sonoma” and “Opia”.
    Translations specializes in Indonesian imports and Opia brings in stunning art objects from the Orient.

    There is also a very upscale Art Gallery, The New Leaf Gallery, dedicated to garden pieces in the complex as well as a tasty cafe and a wine tasting ( local Sonoma wines ) room.

    This summer Corner Stone is slated to be the site for a contemporary cutting edge garden show called ” The Late Show”, showcasing some of the countries most talented and original garden designers.

  2. Really cool post Rochelle, great visuals…… I need to be a part of the “Late Show”

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