Landscape & Garden Hotels to Visit – The Korakia Pensione

January 8, 2009

I just got back from a brief little visit to the Germinatrix and Domino Magazine online…where I found inspiration for this weeks ‘Landscape Hotel of the Week’.

I am jealous that Ivette has a husband that will sweep her away for her birthday to such a stylish place…I am guessing she doesn’t have kids that he had to find babysitters for…if he did that, well then I would be really, really jealous…Korakia pensione, palm springs ca

He took her to the the Korakia Pensione, but she doesn’t tell us where it is….you could be believe it to be in many places around the world,  but some quick google action reveals it is in Palm Springs, CA.   It is stunning and it is just the type of property I love to talk about and visit.  It is clearly an indoor/outdoor – what is the difference? -sort of establishment.  It is a place that is celebrating it’s history too. Built in 1924, The Moroccan villa, originally named Dar Marroc, was the former hideaway of Scottish painter Gordon Coutts. The villa served as the venue for Coutts to re-create his earlier life in Tangier by employing a wide variety of architectural features that promoted a Moroccan decor. This place is widely celebrated and is by all accounts well worth the visit.

Korakia pensione, palm springs ca

I love the desert sky…..

But briefly, back to the Germinatrix and her blog…

All you hotel and property managers should stop by her most current post about tree pruning.  I know you all have a lot on your plates, and to expect you to know so much about so many things is a great challenge in your jobs, but seriously, I have seen three separate examples of trashed trees in my own practice in just the last two months….get the professionals in to properly prune the trees.  Not ‘landscapers’, not your staff,…GET TRUE ARBORISTS…and check their credentials and references.  If you need some help finding good people in your area, go to The American Society of Consulting Arborists referral directory or  internationally, check with the International Society of Arboriculture.  I hope that helps… the trees on your property are a huge investment and you really can blow them away in an instant….

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  1. Germi says:

    I’m BLUSHING!!!
    This is such a lovely post – I can’t stop smiling… and you beautifully capture the spirit of The Korakia! Ahhh, the desert sky…

    And no, I don’t have kids – but my husband did have to find a dogsitter – all w/o me knowing!

    He’s a prince, that man of mine…

    Thank you Rochelle! I am honored to be mentioned on your beautiful blog!

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