Elvis Trees

January 8, 2009

Do I like Elvis? sure…but am I one of those die hard, Graceland pilgrimage, fried peanut butter and banana sandwich eating, velvet Elvis type fans?…NO … but my aunt/god mother is…and this is a post in her honor…has she been to Graceland? Probably, but I am not sure…but I know that when I was a kid she had at least a couple of Elvis statues as part of the decor in her house, so that is why I think of her in this way.  It is ‘The Kings’ birthday today, so I wanted to share with you, if you happen to be one of those fans… a way that you can, perhaps a bit more subtly, revel in your devotion and always have a piece of ‘him’ with you.

Elvis American Forests logo

Thanks to American Forests, Elvis fans can memorialize their hero with a living monument of their very own.  Here’s how it works: Under the authority of Graceland’s management, arborists from American Forests gather acorns and seeds from the driveway pin oaks, sycamores, sweetgums and weeping willows. The acorns and seeds are coaxed into small trees, about 2 feet tall, which are then sold online at Customers receive a tree planting kit that includes a junior Elvis Tree, instructions, a mini greenhouse shelter, bird safety net, a stake, a certificate of authenticity and a lifetime replacement guarantee. And if you’re so inclined, you can also buy a granite tree marker, with Elvis’s signature etched upon it in gold leaf.

Happy Birthday!!

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