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Love Big Red Sun

February 25, 2009

I am so lucky to have in laws that live in Palos Verdes…so I get the opportunity to visit LA fairly regularly.  I am adding Big Red Sun to my ‘places to visit while next in LA’ list.   Big Red Sun is a landscape design/build company in Venice, CA that also has a retail store.  The website is utterly inspiring and there isn’t a thing about it that I don’t covet, droll over, wish I thought of, or all of the above.

Big red sun pink shed with green stemmed acer and clear fence.

Hot pink building, naturally green stemmed acer’s for contrast and a clear fence.  What more could you ask for?

modern house landscape by big red sun.

I think this needs to age (the metal is still grey and not rust)…and perhaps needs a bit of something to soften (just my opinion) – but otherwise perfect.  I couldn’t imagine a better layout of steps and walls and choice of materials to make this modern house sing.  I can’t wait to see this after it has matured for a couple years.

steel garden by big red sun

Perhaps you remember this garden featured in Garden Design a couple years ago.  I do…it is one of those gardens that I immediately showed to a current client and tried to convince to let me have a hand at something similar. (no success) – I am still waiting for another property to come along where something like this might be appropriate.  This is a totally unforgettable garden.

circles steps and pool garden big red sun

 I have put designs like this down on paper, but never had it built.  I like the way it looks in real life.  Maybe with a picture like this, I can convince someone to give  it a go.   I love that it pulls off retro…I am wondering what the house that goes with this looks like?

concrete wall and round gate big red sun garden design

This gate set into a rough concrete wall is so inviting to me.  I am totally inspired by design that makes something so cheap and effective (poured concrete walls – as opposed to stacked stone walls)  look so welcoming and stylish.

Check out their website.  It is full of so much more than this.  They even have great apparel (I really want a “get off your grass and garden” T-shirt for me and a couple of “I ‘heart’ plants” shirts for my kids.  I am looking forward to my ‘in person’ visit.

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  1. I don’t have in-laws down there but still want to go just to check out this place! Very inspiring!

  2. janet says:

    I love the garden with the terraced metal planters. Beautiful! I hope you find a client that will bite on the idea!

  3. Chris says:

    Come to rural southeast Ohio! I so want to terrace my hillside garden with steel planters and steps!
    Do you know of any other similar resources: photos etc.?
    The landscapers here think I am crazy when I say I want to use steel as garden step risers and planters.

    • rochelle says:

      chris — go for it! go for it! you don’t know how much it means to me to inspire you to step outside the norm. Try talking to a metal worker – not a landscaper…and bone up wall construction and I think you will be able to create something extraordinary! I will post some more metal gardens…Topher delaney did a beautiful one too….

  4. mahbube says:

    this site is beautiful

  5. mahbube says:

    the foto is very good
    i enjoy from them

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