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Hey There! I’m Rochelle Greayer. I’m a garden designer on TV and IRL. I’m also an author and entrepreneur who thinks she can save the world by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design.



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Where to find it: Sea Shell suppliers

Between recent features on Sea Shell houses and art for the garden and Pebble Mosaics , I am thinking a lot about where one or both of these techniques might be appropriate because I would like to give them both a try.  In my thinking I have been doing a little checking around and found these sites that all look promising as resources for sea shell art (if you aren’t able to go to the shore and collect for yourself).

I love this picture from Eaton Seashells in Covent Garden London.

Shells from Eaton Sea Shell shop in london england.  Sea shell crafts , shell houses for the garden

US based websites that look interesting for ordering supplies are Schooner Specimen Shells, US Shell, Naples Sea Shell Company, and Sea Shell World.

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  1. Paul Okia

    December 24th, 2009 at 7:38 am

    I love the picture.It is natural

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