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Silvered Wood and Anything

I keep a running list of ideas for posts and as I was perusing links that I wanted to talk about I noticed a little trend.  I seem to be drawn to silvered wood at the moment.   Photos that show products with this finish are completely appealing to me.  I started to notice how everything looks good with it,  and style wise, it can be modern and traditional, rustic and sleek, charming and clean all at the same time.  The finish is also good for the environment as the silvering is natures own wood protectant requiring little maintenance and no chemical application.

I gathered up the pictures that were appealing to me.   What do you think…??

silvered wood garden accents lights candels furniture gardens landscape

From the Top:  The thinking man’s Chair available at TwentyTwenty one.

Asturias Rocking Chair by Carlos Motta — available from Espasso

Cone Torch from Menu.

TXL Pendant Light from Twenty Twenty One.

Garden by Nicholas Dexter.

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  1. Claire says:

    I really like this finish too but have no idea how to achieve it deliberately. Do you just let the wood go grey and if so is there a kind of timber which does this best? I’ve always admired wood used on jetties. I’ve noticed it doesn’t take long to go grey and it’s smooth and relatively splinter free.

  2. rochelle says:

    The best woods to let silver are cedar, teak and other tropical hardwoods. (though I think oak will and most any hardwood will silver too). If you don’t want them to silver you have to oil or seal them. Silvering requires nothing more than time. Jetties I think are often something like Ipe because it is deals well with water (but don’t quote me on that…)

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