Trend: Seeds

March 14, 2009

Clearly our collective conscious is becoming more aware of our climate and our own actions, but it seems that one translation of this is the desire to ‘be green’ is for all things planting and seed related.   Seeds are everywhere… they, along with leaves seem to be the marketers answer to ‘green’.   I guess because there isn’t a cute symbol for alternative energy, or reduced over consumption or living within our means.  Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining – I am in the business of leaves and seeds…I just find it interesting and I hope it is not a trend that will come and go,  but rather a beginning of a better understanding.

And really some of the products are pretty cute and clever.

Seed embedded paper can be used for cute baby announcements, wedding invitations, business cards and marketing collateral. This wedding invitation is available (along with many other styles) from Botanical Paperworks.
seeded wedding invitations
These are one of the latest additions to Oprah’s list of favorite things and I am sure will be a big hit for brides this wedding season. The BloemBox contains seed tissues and can be customized to include seed sheets to create anything from butterfly gardens and other habitat gardens to cutting gardens kitchen gardens or just individual varieties.
bloem box wedding favor flower seeds in a beautiful attractive box

I am kind of partial to this pantry approach to growing. Seeds are packaged in cans  – you crack open a can and let it grow.   Available from Sprout Home.


I think it is all good…getting more people hooked on the joy of planting things, maybe it’s like a starter drug…the proverbial pothead becoming a crack addict.  Or not.

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