Daily Garden 033 : Terragram – Surrey Hills, Australia

April 2, 2009

Louise is sending me so many interesting things…Terragram is an amazing design firm that has an abundance of interesting projects to share on their website. I picked this one for today’s daily garden for a couple of reasons…

1) I love the elevated path…why do we always feel the need to make paths at ground height?  The elevated path is so interesting.

2) I simply love bamboo, and bamboo done simply…I hope it survives in this setting.

And 3) I love seeing the plan view of a garden. As a designer I find it just as interesting as seeing the completed work.  To me, it is a unique view of the garden that you almost never get to see unless you are involved in building it. Terragram has lots of plans for their gardens on their site that are worth checking out.  Thanks Louise for sharing!

bamboo garden terragram australia
terragram garden plan for bamboo garden

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  1. louise garwood says:

    heres some new stuff to peruse..

    check this out (features RG new friend T Delaney…)


    • rochelle says:

      thanks louise… I actually already featured cornerstone a a while back– though as I just went to the site, and I see that they have re-done their web stuff. here is the original link….
      though looking back, I hardly talked about the gardens….maybe I will plan another post…

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