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Karkula’s Beautiful Outdoor Elements

I currently have a fun design project where the clients are really into a modern aesthetic.  We have designed a beautiful multi-level deck (with a tree in the center!!)  for their project. It will have a fire feature in one corner and a water feature in another.  We are all imagining a fire bowl (set up on a built-in plinth) but then we need a complimentary water bowl type feature.  So I have been casting about to come up with two products that would play well together…when I came across Karkula.  I have not seen this company before….and I have to share it with you because they have some really great stuff. (though no fire bowls or water features) There is more than this, but this is what caught my attention…

karkula outdoor garden design light modern chair flower rug mats

From the Top down…those chairs with the concrete and wood garden table are so beautiful warm and modern. Is it me, or could that table be made with a couple of sonotubes?
This light fixture would be perfect for the clients I was shopping for….it kind of breaks my heart because they already have something else installed…I don’t even think it is worth showing them…no need to make regrets. But isn’t it beautiful?…there are corresponding single light wall mount versions too.
I think I have seen this rug in a magazine before (like in a kids room)…but didn’t realize it is an outdoor piece and while I love the colors — (wouldn’t it be fun in an all green garden?) – I didn’t show it here, but there is a version that is all black that speaks much more to my grown up sensibilities.
And those mats…I really love how flexible they are…easy to move, easy to combine colors, easy to create backrests (all rolled up), pillows (partially rolled), or laid flat. A great idea for a home garden but I think even more handy for a hotel or spa garden.

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  1. Courtney says:

    I really think that the rug is so great! I want to put it in the hallway of my house.

  2. Jensen says:

    Nice color mats. Nice combination with the background.

  3. louise garwood says:

    speaking of modernist sensibility in garden design..
    check out this atrium garden decked out with great mid century modern furnishings..
    found on Flickr Eichler Atrium.
    I am looking for daybed ideas…

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