Micheal Jackson Garden Gloves?!?…or NOT :(

July 24, 2009


Look fast at the picture and then look away…I am trying to re-create for you my own experience when I saw a tiny picture embedded in a Daily Candy Email this morning….

ethel garden gloves

I saw the snakeskin version of ethel gloves (which look to be a totally chic and cool collection of garden gloves) and I thought I saw that they were silver sparkle (can you see how I thought that with a quick look?) .  My first thought was that I simply must have them…as a little tribute to MJ…but when I clicked through, I realized with some disappointment that they are really a much more subdued version of snakeskin (which is very nice too).

Upon further investigation, I have decided I still need these gloves (probably the Signature or the Expression styles) as they look to be an excellent work glove,  but I think I am going to have to let them know that what I really want is a silver  white sparkle pair…

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