Ian’s 100 Euro Re-cycled & Up-cycled Patio Furniture Project

August 17, 2009

Spanning the globe….I feel like the Len Berman of gardens today….  This morning, we visited with Neville and Sharon in South Africa, now with Ian in Malta and when I finish this off, I will be forcing myself to finish up my upcoming article for Landscape Middle East.  In this time when plane tickets can often be outside of my budget constraints, this desktop travel is making me feel adventurous.

So Ian in Malta…is quite a budget makeover genius.   Faced with spending the wad on the house and having little left for the furnishings, he got resourceful and made this outdoor sitting room completely from free or very cheap recycled or up-cycled stuff.
ian cremona up cycled- recycled patio furniture project reused pallets

Clearly Ian is blessed with good architecture, but he made the round ball light, refurbished the tripod lamp fixture, and used recycled wooden pallets to make all the furniture himself.

ian crmonas 5 euro recycled light fixture

ian crmonas 5 euro recycled light fixture

Here is a little excerpt about how he created the round lamp:

The Natural Floor Spherical Lantern – 5 Euros – This was a no brainer, take a sunny day off to enjoy a walk on the beach in search of a nicely evenly weathered stone as a base, and find a stick to use as the stand. Go home and log onto ebay for a Spherical Lantern and a bulb holder, and you’ve got your list of ingredients. The only hurdle is drilling the hole in the rock ( hole used to place the wooden stand in the rock) – If the stone is hard like mine is you’d want to go to a stonemason who has a laser guided cutting device. If not you may want to try and drill the holes yourself. I used string to assemble the light fixture, I preferred going with something safe and not conductive to electricity,

For the rest of his explanation and how to do this yourself, make a visit to his site: Emotioned.

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