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Plant Partners – Meadow Agave, Allium sphaerocephalon & Nassella tenuissima

I have been thinking about starting a new regular feature and this picture has made me decide to do it.  I am not sure what regularity I carry this on, but I am on the look out for whatever I can find.  This feature I am speaking of is exciting plant combos…Plant Partners…pairings that are not just pretty, but something that is truly knock your socks off, I haven’t seen that before, whoa stop the bus, down right cool.  If you have a combo you have created or seen, snap a photo, email it to me and I will share it here.

This first up is a shot taken by Michelle Derviss at Garden Porn.   It was taken at Cornerstone Gardens in California. A great photo and a stunning combo.

michelle derviss agave americana meadow planting cornerstone gardens

It is Agave Americana and I am not sure exactly the name of the purple clover and the grass and the little yellow flower.  Do you know what they are?  Let us know in the comments….

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  1. S@sha says:

    The grass looks like Nassella tenuissima (formerly called Stipa tenuissima) or thread grass. It self seeds easily and is highly drought tolerant.

    More info:

    Don’t know what the clover flower is.

  2. michelle d. says:

    S@sha nailed it correctly, the grass is Stipa tenuissima. The purple drum stick looking flower is Allium sphaerocephalon – drum stick allium .
    This combination was crafted by the fabulous design team at Oehme and van Sweden in Sonoma at the Cornerstone Festival of Gardens.

    Cornerstone is hosting a new cutting edge garden show coming up in September 18-20.

    All the regular exhibition gardens in the complex, including Oehme and van Sweden’s will be open to the public as well as 20 (+/-) new temporary designs .

    Rochelle, thanks for posting that photo. It is one of my favorite combinations.
    I look forward to your new series.


  3. Jennifer says:

    the yellow is a smallish (newly unfurled?) California Poppy.
    I posted my pics here:

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