Grow a Bold and Beautiful Willow Plant Matrix by Godefroy de Virieu

June 10, 2022

plant matrix by Godefroy de Virieu

I have been wanting to experiment with willow whips for making planted garden features like tunnels, walls and fun things that the kids might enjoy.  (check out this living arbor tutorial) But this living design by Godefroy de Virieu (the same guy behind the BacSac) has simply taken my breath away. The plant matrix is a womb, of sorts. The gorgeous shape of the basket container would catch my eye even if it wasn’t a living plant.

Virieu Godefroy collaborated with the cooperative basketry cooperative, Villaines-les-Rochers,  to work with a  wicker material that stays alive when cut. Conduct the braiding between late November and March. Then the “matrix” will be ready to receive good potting soil and watering to trigger growth. After a month, shoots will sprout and become covered with leaves. 

How amazing would these living sculptures be in the garden? Perhaps framing a view or acting as a screen. I think it would be a lovely addition to a collection of container grown plants as well.

Suddenly, underwater basket-weaving to create willow sculptures is actually calling to me…. who can teach me how to do this??

found via haute nature

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