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Garden Tandoor- The Next Trend in Outdoor Cooking?

tandoor at a madrasah

by ATouchOfWhimsy

I have some married friends who are Italian (the wife) and Indian (the husband)  — we were chatting about family food and theirs is pretty hard core.  My friend was describing her mother in-laws process for roasting spices to use in her curries and I was fascinated by the thought.   They are starting to think about re-working some of their landscaping and we were fantasizing about what would be cool for them.  We decided that the best feature of a garden for them would be not just an outdoor pizza oven but also a tandoor (or maybe a combo)
garden tandoori oven inspiration
1. Tandoor, 2. Tandoor at Leela, 3. tandoor lights, 4. 11-15-08 oven 001 min

I had no idea about what it would take to make a tandoor but I found lots of interesting resources and inspiring images that makes me think that the tandoor could just be the next big thing in outdoor kitchens.  There are beautiful tandoors to buy, but with some simple instructions, it can be made too.

garden tandoori oven
1. Tandoor blueprint that I desgined almost two years ago (2005), 2. Done! – at the Munnilal Tandoor Factory outside of Delhi

This copper tandoor was made by hand and final product is so beautiful! I don’t suggest trying to replicate,  perhaps it would be easier it opt for a grilldome.

garden tandoori oven

These are just so cute.  Like Faberge eggs that you can roast a turkey in.  Or here are some instructions to make a tandoor out of a garbage can and a flower pot.

flower pot garden tandoori oven

Alternatively, these earthy traditional ovens are from and
are very satisfying.  In my cruising I did actually come across a tandoor – pizza oven combo. It is quite nice, you can check it out here.  Also worth checking out is the Nipoori Tandoor.  I can’t find a decent sized picture but it is worth googling to see it’s enticing shape.
outdoor tandoori oven
image by bchoi9999
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