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BubbleTree’s Stylish French Treehouse Kits.

the bubble tree treehouse

The snow is falling outside for the first time this year and already I am longing for the days of summer (the days that I feel I was cheated of a bit this year).  We built a tree platform a couple years ago that is is lovely, but we are always looking to improve it.  The Bubbletree Company is an inspiring french tree-house company with a great concept and lots of available accessories that are giving me so many ideas.

railing details for the bubble tree treehouse

This fabric railing is so sleek and interesting.  I think it must act as a wind break but I am really interested in how it was done.  The panel feeds through the poles (which are attractively at a slight angle) and I think it must be fed over a cable to keep it tight.

hammock on the bubble tree tree house

Available accessories include hammocks, safety equipment, nets, chairs, lighting system, solar shower, picnic basket, lifting system…hmmm

bubbletree treehouse

Most importantly – though I don’t think it would help me to comfortably hang in my tree house in today’s snowy weather – there is the bubble.  The bubble will, if weather requires completely encase the platform in a tent like structure — like a bubble hanging in a tree.

bubbletree platform treehouse

The whole package (bubble included) will cost you a pretty penny for sure (over $20,000), but looking, for inspiration to create your own, is free.

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  1. fresh365 says:

    This is so fun! All I need is a tree (and $20k). Still I have to bookmark it for the “maybe someday” folder…

  2. Sprout says:

    Cool! But probably wouldn’t be a big hit with the powers that be here in Worcester Mass – http://www.telegram.com/article/20091018/COLUMN01/910180390

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