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Taking Inspiration From Monika Jarg’s Rugs

monika jarg wooden rug

I saw these images a couple days ago over at Decor8 and they have been on my mind since.  It is one of those things that is potentially the seed of a really good idea — but the hard part is figuring out how to make it work.  These are created by Monika Jarg; they are wooden ‘carpets’ embellished with felt string. Obviously they are made for interior use.  But decking is such a common feature in the garden, I have been thinking about how to translate this into a garden feature — because it really is so interesting.   I started thinking about wire as the string piece– but I think that would not be comfortable to walk on and it might stain the wood — which might be interesting in itself – but maybe not the best idea. Then I moved on to something garden based and natural but could think of nothing that wouldn’t rot away.  So I think plastics, perhaps something recycled?  What do you think?  I love the idea of embellished decks — but practically — do you think it is is doable?  Lets brainstorm together…..

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  1. louise garwood says:

    yeah, cool concept- what about using the idea as a border around decking so stepping on it would not be an issue- more like a rug border..also keeping in mind that wherever water can set eventually you get rot- sooo maybe the roping could be a fanciful colored nylon climbing type rope, or metal cable and would therefore dry out more quickly… The perforated surface is cool..

  2. rochelle says:

    oooh I like the edging idea….

  3. rochelle says:

    edging would perhaps promote a greater design clarity — I think so often with decks and hardscaping, it can quickly go too big too fast – and the look ends up untailored seeming… putting an edging constraint would force you to make it work in a way that just building a big fat deck doesn’t — oh I am really liking this idea now…

  4. Chuck says:

    I thought nylon rope too…but gotta be careful about trip hazzard. I know I shuffle sometimes and might stumble.

    Is there a flat strap-like material that could be used to replicate the pattern without being raised???

  5. Brittni says:

    hmmm, love this idea too. what about coated wire (similar to speaker wire or fat electrical wire) – comes in lots of colors, wouldn’t stain and is softer underfoot and still pliable so it will bend easily. I know the local used housing supply place here has a ton of it from old ripped out electrical appliances/fixtures so it would be recycled too!

  6. Courtney says:

    It might be interesting to create a motif with wire and wood on the ground plane, and then again with wire and a lighter, more transparent material (plexiglass, fine steel mesh?) for vertical screens in the same space.

  7. David says:

    I thought you could take it vertical and use it as a fence motif or wood wall weaving.

  8. Jennifer de Graaf says:

    suppose it wasn’t a deck, but a fence or screen!?

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