Blog of Week – Part 1 – What were the Skies Like

I want to introduce you to a couple of fellow blog writers that I am admiring immensely.  The first is Stephen Orr, the creator of What Were the Skies Like.  The second I will share with you later today.

tomorrows garden images from stepehn orr's book sustainable gardening

Stephen is a thoughtful garden writer and frequently can be read in the New York Times and seen on the Today show and The Morning Show.  I like to check him out in my highly cherished back issues of House and Garden and Domino – may they both RIP 🙁 – (sniff) .

tomorrows garden images from stepehn orr's book sustainable gardening

These images are from his upcoming book called Tomorrow’s Garden: Design and Inspiration For a New Age of Sustainable Gardening (Rodale Press, Fall 2010).  It’s his first book and looks like it will be a great addition to the library.  He is speaking in NYC in February (the 24th) at the New York School of Interior Design and will be sharing some more the great photos from his book.  It is part of the Wave Hill lecture series which will also feature Patrick Cullina of the High Line and Dominique Browning the former editor at House and Garden.  I am hoping that maybe I can make a trip to New York and meet Stephen myself.  If you are interested in attending too, you can buy tickets here from the Wave Hill website.  If you can’t make it though, well at least you can make a visit to his site.

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  1. Stephen Orr says:

    Wow. Thank you Rochelle! I appreciate your generous post and I wish you would come to the lecture so that we could meet. I admire your blog as well. It is always so beautiful.
    All the best,
    Stephen Orr

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