Lights for your Bohemian Spirit Garden!

January 8, 2010

I am getting to the daily garden,  that is up next as well as the final round up of 2010 trend week…but I saw these today and immediately thought how perfect they would be for someone who is trying to create the bohemian spirit garden.

Soji Silk Effects Lanterns teardrop and pearl

They are called Soji Silk Lanterns and they are solar powered so you do not need to deal with cords.  Each one is hand crafted so no two are alike.

soki silk effects pearl and teardrop

soji silk effects lantern

They turn themselves on at dusk after collecting power from the sun all day.  My own opinion of solar powered landscape lights has generally been low as they don’t cast light the kind of light that I generally want in order to light a path or highlight a feature, but the weaker light seems fitting here and the silk lantern would, I assume, warm up the tone of the LED.   Actually, to be honest, I am quite excited about these.

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  1. Wow! These look lovely! I totally agree with your on solar powered landscape lighting — not nearly bright enough to light a path — but to provide an ornamental soft glow in the garden? They’d be perfect.

  2. S@sha says:

    These are great! I have a large property, most of which has no electrical hook-ups, and these could be great for adding just a little light. Mostly I like that they are hanging solar lights, its easy to find solar path lighting, but this adds much better ambiance.

  3. Helen Morris says:

    Hi, I too am a fan of these lights but have to tell you that Ikea make a pretty fab version. They have had them the past two summers. When they work (and not all of mine did) they were wonderful. I have them hanging in a white Japanese cherry tree, forget it’s name but it’s the one with the horizontal branches.
    Love the Phillipe Starke lamp for outdoors that you featured. Ikea did a smaller version of that too. Not used mine yet.

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