Hotel Indigo’s Hanging Gardens

March 23, 2010

hotel indigo giant hanging bakset planter paddington london garden via

I love a good PR stunt….especially when it’s for a budget friendly, but chic trendy hotel and it involves creating an enormous hanging garden basket.  Way to go Hotel Indigo for this and all your other cool designs that average income-d people can enjoy.

hotel indigo giant hanging bakset planter paddington london garden via

Not sure if it is still up — but this was at the Indigo Hotel near Paddington Station in London. Image was found at trendhunter.

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  1. jay chua says:

    Wau..this is quiet a garden patio.

    I wonder how long does it take to create the hanging work? Must not be easy I guess.
    I am particularly fond of the flowers flowing thru the hang, laying outside just like a natural curly hair.

    Maybe it is a good idea to decorate with some lightnings, so visitors can see the beauty of this magic patio garden at night 🙂

    Jay Chua

  2. Helen Morris says:

    This is such fun, I hope it’s still there. it’s worth a detour to Paddington to see it.
    Thanks, for a great blog

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