Garden Designers Round Table: Color Inspiration

March 23, 2010

I am so excited to be participating for the first time in the monthly Garden Designers Round Table.  This month is all about color in the garden.  All the GDRT writers participating will be posting about color and I can guarantee you will find an exciting and varied take on the subject by following all the links at the bottom of this post (coming shortly).

rainbow of color garden inspiration

Top to bottom – the credit for these gardens goes to: White and Pink  –Moises Esquenazi, Red and Orange- Earth Designs, Yellow Garden Shed found at Beauty Ever New, Green Gate from Bellewood Gardens, Turquoise from Earth Designs, Teal from Country Living, Blue – from Stu Who?,  Purple from JJlocations, Dark Purple from Earth Designs and Black from JJlocations.

Here at Studio ‘g’ I thought I would take my color focus away from the typical way to jazz things up and add color in the garden  – that is with bright flowers or plants – and focus on the structures, furniture and accessories of the garden.   Just like inside the home, if you need a change or a fresh look, the fastest way to accomplish it is to paint and swap out accessories.   Sure you can add lots of bright annuals too, but I think it is interesting to think about how adding a pop of color can make what you already have so much more interesting.

So I spent some time (ok, alot of time) finding and creating this rainbow of garden color inspiration.  Its like the the mother of all ‘daily garden’ posts (which BTW -in light of this effort, I will not be posting today) It is twelve gardens, one for each color of the rainbow to inspire you to add some color to your garden by painting something or upholstering something — and then sitting back and watching how all your lovely plants take on a whole new life in front of these exciting backdrops.

Click through to the gallery to see the full image of each garden .

And for more color topics from my cohorts see all these wonderful posts.

Andrew Keys : Garden Smackdown : Boston, MA »
Christina Salwitz : Personal Garden Coach : Renton, WA »
Douglas Owens-Pike : Energyscapes : Minneapolis, MN »
Genevieve Schmidt : North Coast Gardening : Arcata, CA »
Ivette Soler : The Germinatrix : Los Angeles, CA »
Jocelyn Chilvers : The Art Garden : Denver, CO »
Rebecca Sweet : Gossip in the Garden : Los Altos, CA »
Scott Hokunson : Blue Heron Landscapes : Granby, CT »
Susan Cohan : Miss Rumphius’ Rules : Chatham, NJ »

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  1. Debbie @ GardenofPossibilities says:

    Ok, I’m totally confused! As I look at a photo with bright color accents I would think…oh I love that, I need to add more color to my aptio this year. Then I’d look at the next photo with all the subdued colors and love that too and think, no I need to tone down my patio this season. After looking at all the inspiring photos I’m not sure what to do anymore…but I love all the color options you’ve presented and will be back to think it through some more.

  2. Rochelle,
    Beautiful collage and presentation on color. The photos speak volumes.

    Shirley Bovshow
    Garden World Report Show

  3. Robert Webber says:

    A pop of colour?
    Thats like a load of fireworks!
    LOVE it.
    Best Wishes

  4. Susan aka Miss R says:

    As usual a fine designer’s eye for the dramatic. I want to use each and every one of these ideas in a plan…wish I had some clients who were braver–colorwise that is!

  5. Germi says:

    I LOVE! We had kind of the same take – and we have VERY similar aesthetics … bringing color into the garden via accessories is can create a level of finish that shoots a garden into the stratosphere! And all of these images are so fantastic!
    Super cool on you, Rochelle!

  6. jay chua says:

    I like the combination of color here.

    The color matching is a good balance. I like the purple with the red pillow layout – the outside porch session. The blue flower with the blue flooring.

    This should work if you have a huge yard to play with color designing. But if you have a mini Me, I would recommend to only mix color with simplicity. eg, black & white with wooden outdoor furniture.

    Jay Chua

  7. Andrew says:

    Awesome! I love that some designer someplace was detail-oriented enough to think to top pots off with purple gravel.

    So true, too, about how furniture and structure color so affect the final composition. My own garden has really forced me to think beyond just plants, because the existing structures themselves are so color-saturated, and it’s been such a valuable exercise. Nice work! We’ll miss you at lunch tomorrow!

  8. carolyn gail says:

    WOW! Say no more . The colors are overwhelming and only very brave souls would dare entertain havin them in thier gardens. Not here in the Midwest, I assure you, but I’m pleased to see them where you are/

  9. Stu Who? says:

    Thanx for the inclusion in your article

    We’re both relatively new to the whole gardening obsession, but Maggi and I have turned our wee garden into an oasis of colour and quiet peace

    Everything has been reclaimed & rescued; the light blue “decking” was originally pallets from a nearby lorry depot, and nearly all of the stones & boulders in my rockeries were actually dug from the ground while creating my veg plot

    We don’t have a clue about latin names, fancy equipment, or technical expertise … we are of the “hope-for-the-best” school of gardening, and love it with a passion



  10. Genevieve says:

    Gosh, I am so with Debbie! After seeing all your gorgeous inspiration, I can hardly decide what I like best – subdued or Bright! Crazy! Color! I think my favorite panel are the magenta pillows with the blue-purple seating. Just gorgeous. Thanks for your unique take on it, Rochelle.

  11. Wow! Next time I need a stunning photo for an article of a presentation, I know who to beg one from. Love your take and the emphasis on thinking outside the (plant) pot to add zing to a garden.

  12. Rochelle, this is awesome! A very creative way to display color by touching on each of the colors of the rainbow. The pictures are so vibrant, and by focusing on the non plant parts of the garden have given your readers (and me) clues to tie the garden to the living spaces of the home. We’re so glad you’re part of the Roundtable! Well Done!

  13. Very clever post, Rochelle! The photos are truly gorgeous – did you take them all? If so – you’re an amazing photographer! I especially like the deep, rich purple pillows…And that pink door with the grey agaves – priceless!

  14. judy Maier says:

    Luscious color – the photos speak for themselves. Very fun. Thanks for posting!

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