Modern Masters: Robert Cannon’s Terraform Concrete Garden Sculpture

Robert Cannon's Amazing moss and concrete garden sculpture

I know something is good when I am mid post, and my daughter and her friends start ohhing and ahhing over my shoulder at the images on my screen.  That happened this morning with Robert Cannon’s Garden Sculptures.

I too am taken by his beautiful concrete creations that are filled with intricate collections of plants.   The twist on classical garden sculpture is something I can see putting in a real modern day garden.

He created this fabulous garden chess set with movable pieces.  I think I would find the game pieces themselves  too distractingly beautiful that I would surely loose.

Robert Cannon's Amazing moss and concrete garden sculpture

I envy the lucky bird who gets to live here.

robert cannon garden sculpture princeton nj concrete mini garden chess set


Robert Cannon's Amazing moss and concrete garden sculptureYou can see more of Robert’s amazing work at his website.

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  1. Matti says:

    These are awesome. thanks for finding these. I need a whole enchanted city in the back. Matti

  2. Oh my god! How marvelous! How magical! Thank you so much for sharing this!

  3. Garden Beet says:

    how fab – really enjoyed these images – thanks

  4. Dorothy baum says:

    How do I call , and visit cannon’s works. Phone ? And location please

  5. Magewyntyr says:

    Just Google.

    Thank you for sharing. Love his work!

  6. Scarlett Campbell says:

    These are beautiful. How do I get or make the birdhouse? I have to have the birdhouse!!

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