Goodtimes Hotel Garden Sculpture by Kathy Dalwood

April 14, 2024

It took one day in Tulum, Mexico, last summer to know that the design scene in Mexico was lit. I am still thinking about the AD100 Magazine (South and Central America) in our Airbnb and all the amazing work that was on display. Now, I am eager for an opportunity to travel there again – perhaps to Mexico City next and continue to explore the creativity that is blossoming in Central America.

Decorative stone garden bed filled with lush greenery and yellow flowers, set against a modern building with a glass door.
Four designs inspired by Mayan architecture, created in concrete relief and conceived to be placed together in multiple orientations.

While in Mexico last summer, we made a trip to Chichen itza. I can see the source for Artist Kathy Dalwood’s beautiful tiles for the gardens and interior of The Goodtime Hotel in Miami. The art of the Mayan people is displayed in their temples, and there is a continuous thread through much of the art seen and created today.

The Goodtime Hotel is owned by Pharrell Williams + David Grutman, who worked with Ken Fulk and Roberto Sosa of Obra Design to create a luxury experience that is Art Deco Miami Kitsch but with a tropical Mayan twist.

Elegant entrance with lantern hanging beside a decorative carved white panel, flanked by potted plants.
Photography: Isabel Guerrero See all the SETSQUARES collections.

If you are interested in the tiles for your own projects. – they are in the SETSQUARES collection.

If you find that most of the offerings in the garden sculpture market leave you either frightened or bored to tears, check out Kathy Dalwood’s other work – you might be pleasantly surprised. Kathy Dalwood’s concrete and mirror garden sculptures and containers are a refreshingly interesting option.

Decorative geometric wall panels reflected on a calm water surface, creating a symmetrical visual effect.

I enjoy her modern twists on classic containers, and the friezes that she creates add beautiful detail to modern gardens.  The collection also includes mirrored urn sculptures. Mirrors are fun to play with in the garden and with the cutout shape, I think these are an interesting play on the idea of reflecting images around the garden.

Outdoor swimming pool area featuring decorative white tiled walls, lush green plants, and a shaded seating area.
Mayan-inspired fountain at the Goodtimes hotel in Miami – featuring Kathy Dalwood’s indoor outdoor tiles.
Intricate stone carvings of geometric patterns and a central ceremonial sculpture on an ancient mayan building's facade.
Inspiration for the Mayan tiles.
Abstract black and white line drawing featuring geometric shapes and patterns arranged in a grid-like composition.
Kathy’s conceptual sketches for the tiles.

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    so agree that most are just another copy of a copy or ungodly expensive. These are refreshing and unique, a rare find – thanks!

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