A genuine old school internet quiz! What Kind of Flower are You?

April 14, 2024

Ugh…laziness and mental distraction pervade, but this was fun.  There is a quiz over at This garden is Illegal that tells you what kind of flower you are. Its fun and free (doesn’t even cost your your privacy!) and it reminds me that the internet was once a sillier and more enjoyable place.

This is what it told me:

Snapdragon –

“Mischief is your middle name, but your first is friend. You are quite the prankster that loves to make other people laugh.”

Watercolor illustration of yellow snapdragon flowers with green leaves on a white background.
Wild snapdragons in watercolor By Ollga P

And then I went back and changed two answers that I was torn about and this is what I became:

Daffodil –

You have a sunny disposition and are normally one of the first to show up for the party. You don’t need too much attention from the host once you get there as you are more than capable of making yourself seen and heard.

Watercolor illustration of a white daffodil with a vibrant orange center, surrounded by green leaves and a bud.
Daffodils in watercolor By Ollga P

I liked it – This quiz is old school internet – when people just made stuff for fun. You don’t even need to give it your email address to get your results. Ahh… those were the days.

ok – I need to go get another cup of coffee.

If you take the flower quiz – let me know – What kind of flower are you?

Also – if you are curious what the other plants and flowers you could have been (without having to take th quiz a bunch of times) – you can see that here.

I’m curious though – who amongst you is canadian thistle – and what did you say to get that result?

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  1. Maggie Green says:

    I was a daffodil, too!

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