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I am so excited to be rolling out this new feature on Studio ‘g’ today.  It’s called ‘In the Garden With….’ and my goal is to introduce lots of inspiring bloggers and non-bloggers to you through their gardens and their garden experiences.   Many of my requests have gone out to people you may not know as many are not regular garden bloggers but rather are writers, bloggers on other topics, artists, and designers of various sorts.  They are people that I find interesting and who I want to know a little more about- through their garden world.  There will also a good mix of luminaries from the landscape world too so hold onto you seats it’s going to be a fun ride here on Wednesday’s….

So here is my plan….I have asked each of the participants to answer the same set of questions and send along some pictures if they can.  Carolina of Carolina Eclectic down in Texas is my first feature.  You should take a moment to pop over to her site…the post, A woman’s home is her Castle – features a house and garden (that is for sale) that will knock. your. socks. off.  – not to mention lots of other inspiration.

How would you define your style?

I chose my blog’s name to be Carolina Eclectic because that describes my style and who I am. I love experimenting and incorporating many different ideas. Also, my style includes minimal and modern elements with just plain eccentricity. I’m a big believer in bringing some craziness into life!

image via Sunset Magazine

image via Dwell Magazine

Do you have a garden? What is it Like?

Yes, but this winter has been a little tough on it. I live in Houston, TX where its usually warm all the time. This winter, however proved to be slightly different. My poor garden has suffered more freezes than its used to and we weren’t always here to protect it:( I’m still hoping it will recover.

Our little garden was inspired by two of the cities that inspire me the most, Austin and Santa Fe. Austin is both modern and funky. I love the cool gardens of both the San Jose and Saint Cecilia hotels. At the same time, walk down the street of many an Austin neighborhood and you will be greeted by funky and free-spirited yards! Its a bohemian dream come true:)
Somewhat related in style, is Santa Fe NM. with all its Southwestern color and beauty. I grew up not too far from Santa Fe and traveled there a lot as a child. The incredible vegetation is so inspiring, it just takes my breath away. My dream is to one day live there just like Georgia O’keeffe and be inspired by the landscape.

Hotel San Jose and Saint Cecilia Hotel in Austin

Do you have any favorite or sentimental plants or flowers?

I have three sentimental plants. I bought them 10 years ago when I first got married at a hardware store for around $10.00 each. I don’t even know what they are called. Originally I bought them to place at the top of an old armoire I had. The funny part is that I have since sold the armoire and moved several times and those plants keep on going! When I look at them they remind me of being a newly wed and of all the experiences my husband and I have had together.

What is your earliest or favorite gardening related memory?

My earliest memory is of a neighbor’s backyard my friend and I used to sneak into when I was around 4 or 5 years. This man’s backyard had beautiful tulips everywhere, to me it seemed like a fairy tale. (Although, we did get into trouble later)

(that’s Carolina on the left in the neighbors garden!! — too cute!)

What are three cardinal design rules (from your design field) that you think also apply to outdoor projects?

1. Simplicity- I think there is great beauty in keeping things simple.
2. Integrity of materials- At all times, I try to use natural materials in their natural state. I am also a fan of letting objects wear naturally…I love chipped paint and rusty metal.
3. Include something that doesn’t make any sense- Go ahead! Do something a little crazy that only has meaning to you and makes you smile every time you see it. Personally, I have a vintage bowling ball placed next to a large minimalist birdhouse beside my front door. I always wonder what the mailman must think about that:)

Carolina Recommends….

1. Gardens in Austin- Love their amazing selection of plants and their beautiful showroom too!
2. Thompson and Hanson in Houston– They have a very exclusive collection of plants and outdoor furniture. Also, They have a quaint showroom that typifies Houston’s gentile style.
3. Janus et Cie – Very lust-worthy outdoor furniture!

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  1. Louise says:

    Awesome new feature, Rochelle!

  2. Thanks so much for inviting me Rochelle! It was so fun:)

  3. Derek McCall says:

    Great blog. I agree that Gardens in Austin had a great selection. I say “had” because unfortunately they closed this year. Too bad…

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