Daily Garden: John’s Kentucky Garden

April 7, 2010

I love the over-grown, deep-south, heavy, summer mood of this garden.  Just looking at the pictures makes me crave a mint julep or at least an iced sweet tea……

The juxtaposition of the formal statuary with split rail fence or the old truck with the modern lined pool makes for a funny sort of mix, but one that plays well.  It certainly gives the sense that this garden belongs to someone that has a bit more going on than perhaps a typical country gardener.

Which in this case is true — it belongs to John Carloftis a well publicized garden designer in NYC.  The pictures come from a spread in Garden & Gun magazine (that name scares the hell out of me, I kinda don’t think I get it….) this month.  But the garden is lovely and I would really enjoy stroll through this place. Wouldn’t you?

Photos by Caroline Allison

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  1. Lisa says:

    “Garden and Gun???”

    No trespassing, huh?


  2. Robin Bates says:

    Garden and Gun…if you saw a copy would be an instant favorite among magazines. Lush photography on heavy paper with fabulous typography. The Gun part refers to hunting lodges, antique hunting rifles, bios on leading bird dog trainers, horse and hound fox hunting in the South. The garden part has dreamlike spaces both inside and out. Hunting and home are both a large part of many southerners everyday lives. Many are experts on the cooking of what they’ve hunted. In this day and age of “knowing where your food comes from” and “eating local”, what’s a better example than actually eating what you hunt?

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