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Who Wants a Cookie-Cutter house anyway?

No one I know. It's much more fun to let your character and taste shine through.

Garden design is an art form that requires creativity, patience, persistence and a healthy dose of rebellion.

But it's also science.

If you don't play smart, you'll kill things, and adversely impact your environment (when you could be such a positive force!).

And if you don't rebel, your garden is going to look like every other boring plot on block. And who wants that? 

Let's think differently about landscape design.

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your garden From drab to fab

Without Hiring A Landscape Designer


*But with hands-on assistance from an experienced garden designer. 

Learn how

Get dirty
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inspiration is everywhere

Question Everything
Chase curiousity 

let it unfold.

Inspiration is everywhere. And I love a good moodboard. In Cultivating Garden Style I created nearly 100 garden design inspiration boards and there are even more here.  Hidden in these landscape design moodboards posts are a treasure trove of cool vendors, beautiful places, inspiring gardens, pretty plants, and garden design ideas and tips.  

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Cross Pollinate ideas

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hell yes.

My simple and easy foxglove planting strategy with Gilmour

Do you ever have that feeling like the universe is trying to send you a message and you notice it, but then you are like ‘nah -universes don’t send messages to people, that is dumb’? I think the universe is trying to tell me plant lots of foxgloves. Is that dumb? I posted earlier this […]

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Planting design Inspired by Arielle Vey’s Photography

I’ve got planting on the brain. My planting design boot camp is currently enrolling for March 1st, 2019, and this week I start a new gig talking about plants live on nationwide TV. Even though it is literally snowing right now my brain is all plants, plants, plants! Check out this image by photographer Arielle Vey. […]

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The Death of Anticipation

It isn’t that I have a hard rule against it, but I don’t tend to buy tomatoes out of season. We were having burgers for dinner last night, though, and I just wanted a tomato on top. The last time I broke my rule, I tossed the whole thing out before I even served it. […]

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Is your garden an arbitrary stupid goal?

I’m looking for a new book to read over the upcoming holiday break. I want something that lives up to my last read – Tamara Shopsin‘s Arbitrary Stupid Goal. Any suggestions? I was drawn to Arbitrary Stupid Goal when Austin Kleon mentioned it was a favorite from his own reading list last year. […]

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How to Design Hypoallergenic Gardens

How to Design Hypoallergenic Gardens

Modern horticulture and landscape design has created cities and neighborhoods that have higher pollen counts than ever. (you aren't imagining it!)
Learn how and why we need to change the way we design and plant our gardens to improve our air quality.

 Do you Suffer Allergies?

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