Hippie Chic Garden Design Inspiration

December 14, 2010

I have REALLY been looking forward to this post for a while.  Literally, since I signed up to write on this topic nearly a year ago.  I had no idea what this last year would bring and the evolutions that I and the projects I am involved with have taken, but here I am in December, happy to have this post opportunity so that I can officially get back to something that I have long missed (and I think some of you have too).

I started this blog just a bit over two years ago with the intent to get myself, my sources and my idea files organized. But it quickly became something else (like an inspiration source for lots of you too) and then, now, something else…my primary focus.  A place where I can hopefully have a greater impact on design, and the creation of gardens and personal landscape utopias.  Because I have chosen to let go of many of my clients in the last month and shift my focus to increased writing, bogging, teaching and speaking (among other things) I think I am finally able to bring back some of my most enjoyable blog features.  My most favorite, though time consuming, blog posts have always been the inspiration boards.  I have always loved taking inspiration and creating mood boards from fashion illustrations and now, with this post I am bringing that back, in honor of the inspiration challenge for the Garden Designers Roundtable.

Finding inspiration is easy.  What do you love, what strikes you as beautiful?  What amazes you? Start with that and then leap off taking cues from what is so appealing.  Do you love a particular painting?  Or perhaps a movie, or a destination?  All of these provide continuous sources of inspiration for me and can for you too.  So I have created a new ‘Can you make this into a garden?’ post with this cool hippy chic fashion illustration by Vanessa T Smith. But over the next many months, I will create boards (once a month at least, I promise) that are inspired by other things too.  Do you have a suggestion for inspiration?  I am looking for a challenge to help me prove the point that inspiration can be found everywhere. Or perhaps you would like to create a garden inspiration board to share as well?  Either way, email me I would love to hear from you.

So here is the latest inspiration board…..the Hippy chic garden.

Oh and I have GOT to rename this feature — ‘Can you make this into a garden?’ is just not doing it for me….need something much snappier…..any ideas?

vintage hippy chic inspired garden

Fashion illustration by Vanessa T Smith

hippy chic inspired garden accessories

I can imagine myself gardening in this hat I found at Ahlan at least if it weren’t so black and heavy felt-ish. I might need to just plop it on when I sit down in the Blacksmith Blossom Chair for a rest. Like the chair, the Chimes are also from Anthropologie. The round stone looking ball is the Kling Granite Stool from DIGS and the pretty (but probably not ok in a real rain storm) umbrella is from dotcomgiftshop.  That leaves the Sailors Nautical Wheel from amazon, which I think could entertain children in a garden for quite some time, even if it was simply attached to pole coming out of the ground. But I think it would be even better if perhaps it could control some sort of water feature. Don’t you?

hippy chic outdoor fabric inspiration

Brown Plaid Fabric Outdoor From Fabric Guru.  Green and Yellow flower pattern (top left) from Link Design. Top Right and Bottom Right Brown Medallion and Green Medallion fabrics from Schumacher. Green Floral Oil cloth (bottom Left) from selection at OilCloth Addict.

piano garden

No hippy chic garden can be complete without a nod to the music right?  Piano Garden found via shelterrific.

*****I am still finishing this up…..the sources and remaining photo credits are still coming….if you see this message, you can trust that I am working on them while you read…go get a cup of coffee and come back in a little bit they will be ready when you return….;)  ****

Click through to see plant inspirations, fabric inspirations, more garden furniture and accessories and even a few hippie chic gardens.

In case you want to do a little reminiscing from some of the past ‘Can you make this into a garden’ challenges….here is the full line up.

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And the very first Can you make this into a Garden?

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  1. Susan aka Miss R says:

    Over at Olio board there are challenges to create mood boards based on a theme. One of them was a Chanel inspired room. I hearby, at the time of your place and choosing challenge you to a Chanel inspired garden blog post. Can you make that into a garden?!? Pearls anyone?

  2. Ivette says:

    Domino magazine used to do a regular feature – I think it was called “can this be a room?” – where they would take a super cool outfit and use it as the inspiration for an interior design. I loved that! Using the same concept to create a garden is very cool!

    Great looking post – Thanks!!!

  3. Pam/Digging says:

    Neat idea! I can see how a certain outfit or decorative object could inspire an entire garden.

  4. Actually, Rochelle, I think of your blog being all about garden design inspiration! I’m so glad you’re going to be able to bring the boards back as a regular feature.

    “What amazes you” — indeed, that may be the single most question as to what inspires us. Well said.

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go find a piano for my garden.

  5. Susan aka Miss R says:

    So it’s a throwdown for sure. January is perfect…and yes I saw the Dior! This is going to be so much fun.

  6. Rochelle, I’ve never used story boards as a design tool, but I’ve always looked to your blog as a “go to” resource for visual inspiration. Can’t wait to see what you do next!

  7. rochelle says:

    Ivette – I loved that ‘can this be a room?’ feature….certainly was part of my thought process in creating this in the first place….I so miss domino….sniff
    Andrew – I love that piano thing too…I figured you can’t have a hippy garden with out at least a nod to the music.
    Susan — I see your throwdown….you are on….how about January?….(have you seen my Christian Dior garden post?) — I am all over this….you are coming up with one too, right?

  8. I don’t know whether to be sad for your clients that you are letting them go or happy for you that you are doing what you want. keep the inspiration coming for us all!
    Best Wishes

  9. Sheila H says:

    I’m so happy you’re bringing this feature back in your blog!

  10. louise says:

    Name for this feature…what about Garden Fashion? or Garden Ware (pun on wear??)
    Garden Ware Weekly (GWW) hmmm, we’ll come up with something .
    Happy holidays!

  11. janine robinson says:

    LOVE the piano in the garden! why don’t you call your hippie chic inspiration “flower power!”

  12. christine says:

    Love this!!! I’m with you, I so enjoy being inspired by all kinds of things I see everywhere (even when the direct correlation isn’t entirely obvious to anyone but me!). Hope to see more of your ‘can you make this into a garden’ features…I was a fashion major so this is right up my alley!!!

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