ReDefine Home

December 15, 2010

Damn, how annoyed am I that I am largely done with my holiday shopping?  Figures, I would stumble across a plethora of great ideas just when I think it is all over.  Such is the case this morning with Re-define home.  It’s an online shop with heart and a bevy of great garden goodies.  Here are a few of my favorites this morning….

re-define home

Yes, I am quite aware that I have the bottle votive twice. I couldn’t help myself, it is a recycled beer bottle that has been given an antiqued silver coating. Good for use indoors or out. Need I say more?

I am an unabashed harvest basket junkie, I think I purchased at least three this past summer alone at various markets and antique shops.  But these have lids! I don’t have any with lids!  I am not sure what the point of the lid is….but I am not sure I can live without it either.

I still have yesterday’s hippy chic garden on my mind, and when I saw the drum table, I thought it would be a perfect addition.  It’s a one off piece and I am not sure how it would fair outside (probably badbly), but sitting next to that piano full of plants, I think you could have something interesting — especially if you could still play when it is not being used as a table.  Throw in a few of these hot outdoor cushions and you have yourself a party.

Check them out here:  Redefine Home

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  1. louise says:

    check out these ornaments at Pieces
    could be dangling off this girls winterberry shrub or a small evergreen this time of year….

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