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Hey There! I’m Rochelle Greayer. I’m a garden designer on TV and IRL. I’m also an author and entrepreneur who thinks she can save the world by teaching everyone a little something about landscape design.






Top Ten (Most Visited) Garden Design Posts

I have never before checked the numbers to see which posts you all click on the most (shame on me for being a bad blogger!).  But now that I have, I am wondering if just because you click on it the most, does that mean that these are your favorites?

I love these, but some of my own favs are missing, so I think for tomorrow, I will make my own list of personal 2010 favorites….but here is what you said (by the numbers).

(note — much as I try to make the filter only see 2010 posts…some of these are 2009 — who has time to wrestle with google analytics? NOT ME, so I am going with it, regardless of date)

1.) All About Gabions : Cheap Retaining and Other Garden Features
(this post was hands down THE most popular — literally blowing away the competition by the thousands — who knew you all wanted to know about gabions!?!)


by cuckoofarmstudios

2.)  Daily Garden: Joshua Tree Stock Tank Pool Garden (yes, I have to agree, this might have been the coolest daily garden ever)

3.)  Reviving the Ancient Art of Pebble Mosaics – Seems you are into materials and methods more than I might have guessed. (I am learning a few things here)

4.)  Bridal Garden Ideas – Really? Hmmm…..when I wrote this I distinctly remember thinking it was a weak topic…I guess I was wrong, I’ll admit it.

5.)  Blog(s) of the week (Two Europeans for you) – I love that you all also loved being introduced to two of my favorite garden design bloggers. If only there were more like them…

6.)  Daily Garden : The Modernist Fence – I would have never guessed this to be the #2 daily garden….but it is a good one.

7.)   A path Paved with Copper? – Proof positive that taking inspiration from other design fields is a good (or at least an interesting) idea…..

8.)  Pear Terrarium – So, you DO like the little indoor garden gifty ideas after all? Yea!

9 .)  Cottage Garden Inspiration from Carmel-by-the-Sea – Such a sweet place – and great photography – I can’t wait to get there and check it out for myself!

10.)   Tree Cathedral in Italy -I could have guess this….

What do you think?  Are these really your favorites or was their another post that sticks out as a star for you….if I missed your most loved or memorable, let me know in the comments, I am so curious to hear what you really liked!

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  1. never heard of a gabion. now i’m intrigued. love all the resourcefulness!
    and, btw, happy new year!!

  2. Wood Greenhouse Kits says:

    thanks for providing the list, i really need it…i will definitely follow the list..

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