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Red Shovel Glass Co. – Recycled Tumbled Mulch Materials

red shovel tumbled glass

Red Shovel Glass Company, which is part of the Building Resources Center – a nonprofit who recycles and resells building materials in San Francisco, is also upcycling bottles, and building materials into these interesting mulches.  Personally I think these are best reserved for container plantings or floral arrangements, but I have seen them used on the ground level as well.   My favorite is the terracotta….what’s yours?

red shovel tumbled glass

They ship across the country in 50lb bags (which will cover approximately 6 sq ft with 1 inch of mulch).


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Where to buy recycled glass mulch for your garden




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  1. Private says:

    I use red glass as mulch for houseplants, and it unifies them, but it would be a bit much outdoors. Although maybe in a monochromatic scheme, with japanese maples and bloodgrass, and heuchera, against a grey cement wall with black mondo grass. oooh – black plants growing in red glass mulch – somebody will love that.

    Remember those walls made of chicken wire filled with rubble? I wonder if you could make a similar thing with this stuff, only lit from within.

    I prefer the idea of small glass pebbles on wires, like stained glass accents on top of obelisks.

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