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Before & After: John’s Medicinal Herb Garden

Oh — I have a little catch up from yesterday — so first off a couple more before and afters!!!

before and after medicinal herb garden

Designing a medicinal herb garden that is also beautiful and vibrant isn’t exactly easy.  Medicinal plants and herbs tend to be on the less showy side  so making it exciting is a challenge but not impossible.  John’s (of John Beaudry Design) version is pretty fab though don’t you think?

before and after medicinal herb garden

before and after medicinal herb garden

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  1. John Beaudry says:

    Nice blog post! Thanks for writing about me! Perhaps we could subscribe to each other’s blogs. I am now writing a book called Designing the Bungalow Garden. Check out my FB page under the same name.

  2. Ekki says:

    Great job, John. Congratulations!

    I just do not quite understand why the BEFORE picture is taken from an other angle than the AFTERs – makes it a bit confusing.

    Anyhow, now this garden really deserves being called GARDEN – before it more likely has been a desert.

    Good luck and nice customers also for future works,


  3. Annie says:

    Great pics (found them on pinterest)! Can you tell us what kinds of plants you have? Love this idea, just wondering how to start my own–since I don’t have a John to come help me!

  4. Darline says:

    Gardens help us stay healthy and growing our own medicine is an excellent idea. Since I sell greenhouses and promote a healthier lifestyle with having a garden this is really an interest to me.

    I don’t like taking prescriptions and to find a way to grow a natural cure for me would be ideal. Just planting a garden last year and eating the fresh food from the garden saved my life. I am changing everything in my lifestyle to a more organic way of doing things.

    Thanks for the post and great pictures. I’m really interested in learning more about medicine gardens. Do you think there is a cure for diabetes or high blood pressure within medicine gardens?

  5. vivian says:

    looks like two different houses. But, still very nice and I would love to have just that. Will read and see what I can take to call my own.

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