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Before & After : The Studio ‘g’/ Pinnacle Barn Gardenway Cart

If I had know about garden-way carts when I moved into this house that has a bit of land around it, I would have forgone the wheelbarrow completely and bought one straightaway. They are better (ergonomically, capacity, function, design, ease of use, green) in every way.

But I didn’t, and rather, I inherited mine (in very shabby, almost unusable shape) from a much wiser woman who paid me the nicest compliment the day she gave it to me.  It is for this reason, that I spent more time, money and effort on restoring it than I would have if I had bought a new on.  Oh-well — it’s worth it, I will think of her every time I use it.

before and after garden way fix-up

This project required the complete dismantling, replacing of the rotten wood and rebuilding — but the fact that you can do that with these carts is part of the reason I love them so much.

before and after gardenway cart

My kids have decided that the little chicken motif that I painted on the sides, needs to be their logo for their farmers market stand this fall.  It is so fun to see them get excited about picking seeds and making plans for how they are going to display and sell their crops.  My daughter’s focus is on flowers….and my son picked a random mix of tomatoes, sunflowers, and Brussel Sprouts.  I could not have had a more proud parent moment when his sister told him that he didn’t even know if he like Brussel Sprouts (true, I have never offered them to him) and he replied, “I can’t know if I don’t like them unless I try them”…(my mothering heart swells with pride).

Funnily though, his decisions for seed packets stemmed largely from the ‘Free’ sign that the Thompson and Morgan seed display had on a variety of packets.   He might also grow up to be a total cheapskate….

gardenway cart

Click though to the gallery see the whole project step by step.

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  1. laguna dirt says:

    it’s clear you–and most importantly your beautiful children–will have years of fun with this cart! i just posted about chickens, too!

  2. Jeremiah says:

    Hey I was wondering if you had to replace the tires? I’m trying to use some tires on a very similar cart to put them onto a horse-drawn buggy and I can’t seem to find rubber wheels that I can actually get onto the rims. Ours are 26 inch rims but 26 inch tires don’t fit

    • The Editor says:

      I did have to replace the tires — I can’t remember where I bought them (it was online) but I searched gardenway cart and found tire tubes/ rims/ and full tires. I seem to remember it was a vendor in VT – but not 100% sure about that.

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