Insect Wall Art from Kevin Smith & Lisa Lee Benjamin

Do you remember this post? I do… for two reasons….first, it remains to this day, one of the most responded to posts since I wrote it over 2 years ago. And second, I can’t help but still be obsessed with the graphically cool nature of the insect walls.   Flora Grubb’s beau Kevin Smith must be also inspired because he took the idea of insect habitat walls and made it sing in a way that only a skilled craftsman and artist can do.

instect habitiat wall flora grubb kevin smith

It is so beautiful that if this weren’t built to teem with bugs and garden encouraging insect life, I would be temped to hang it in my living room.

This is from the Flora Grubb website:

It’s assembled from foraged organic materials and reclaimed scrap, and it’s a habitat-in-waiting for bees, birds, and other native animals. The patterns of holes and partitions allows many different species of small animals to inhabit the sculpture, whether it’s mounted on an apartment terrace 16 stories above the street or next to a backyard patio. Inspired by the Urban Hedgerow campaign, Kevin interprets the invitation to urban wilderness in a really beautiful way, one that seduces us into contemplating how much wild nature we want to interact with in our human-centered habitat.

Find out more about commissioning one of Kevin’s creations for your garden by emailing If you’d like more information about the Urban Hedgerow campaign, go to

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  1. Kaveh says:

    I saw something similar at the Chelsea Flower Show and I loved it. Though I am sure if I put them out here they would be full of earwigs which are not my favorite bugs. I still love the concept though and These are particularly beautiful.

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