The Latin Series: B is for Barbata

January 17, 2012

I really hate to not finish things that I start.  And being a starter type personality (as opposed to a maintainer or a finisher) I start and sometimes don’t finish a-lot of things.  Have you ever thought about if you are a starter, a maintainer, or a finisher?

So one of my 2012 resolutions is to finish a bunch of projects and the Latin Series is one of them.  Honestly, as much as I know about botanical latin, I really enjoy writing the series because I always learn something new and I frequently discover great and interesting new plants in the process.   So, with that, lets keep going…   Do you know what Barbata means?  It means bearded or hairy and generally refers to a visible characteristic of the plant.

Petrocosmea barbata African violets

Take these african violets (Petrocosmea barbata).  They have hairly leaves or Iris barbata with it’s fuzzy bearded flower.   Both barbata…want to see more barabata plants?  Check out my pinterest board B is for Barbata.

iris barbata

(Images from online photographers and African Violet Forum)

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  1. plantingoaks says:

    I love your latin series! So that’s one resolution I will certainly support.

    I don’t think I grow any barbata plants…unless iris barbata and iris germanica are the same thing. They’re all so hybridized anyway that I’ve never really thought of bearded iris in terms of latin names.

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