Making Snow Drop Galanthus Terrariums in the Winter

It is late February, and snowdrops are coming up everywhere. My daughter and I found a big swath of flowers that were growing behind the base of some laurels and yews and decided that since their showcase was obstructed, we should pick them immediately and enjoy them indoors.

The smallest bud vases we first tried overpowered the sweet little blossoms, so we tried placing them in little flower frogs in tiny babyfood jars. I liked this look but thought we needed more flowers and some moss on to a bigger vessel!

Snowdrops in a jar with rocks and moss.

Snowdrops in a jar with moss and rocks

by Roanne Robbins

Simple Snowdrop/ Galanthus Terrariums

snowdrop terrarium galanthus

We settled with a cookie jar and abandoned the use of the frog – the stems of the Galanthus were strong enough to be nestled among the pea stone. The moss turned out to be multi-purpose. Structurally, it supported the stems and kept them in place; environmentally, it kept the water from quickly evaporating. And visually, it gave the arrangement that terrarium feel I was looking for.

The blossoms lasted about 12 days, with the flower buds closing each night and opening daily to display their sweet chartreuse markings.

To be festive, we placed a porcelain bunny inside to help us welcome spring.

~ Roanne

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  1. Rosie says:

    Great idea !!!!!!

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