Before & After: A Vibrant Beginning for this Bay Area Backyard

January 23, 2014

observationdiary1I’m in the midst of planning a few raised garden beds, so naturally I was drawn to this colorful backyard makeover by blogger and textile/graphic designer, Yaling Hou of Observation Diary. Yaling and her husband moved to the San Francisco Bay Area a few years ago and they’re having a wonderful time fixing up their first house. They’ve done a terrific job with their backyard and I think thatyou’ll agree.

observation diary, backyard, garden, before & after, flowie, vegetable, raised bedAs you can see, they put a ton of work into this space! I’m really loving the new fence and the vibrantly colored raised beds. Something about it just feels so California to me. Ha, after typing that I had a brief vision of what something that felt like my state might resemble. Probably cows and tractors or something. Oh, Wisconsin, you’re so misunderstood. Anyway, back to the yard in California. I’m curious what their yard looks like when the veggies are in full force- I’m sure it’s quite the spectacle mid-summer, especially judging by this photo:

backyard-4I’d love to hang out in this yard, it’s just so inviting to me. Maybe it’s that the clean lines somehow keep it from feeling too overly modern, I don’t know. Either way, it’s a lovely yard, and probably one of my favorites. -erin

If you have a great makeover that you’d like to share on Studio ‘g’, send us an email with a few photos and the story behind it!

Images by: Yaling Hou


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  1. Jen says:

    Wow, that looks terrific! What a great job. Love those raised beds!

  2. Valerie White says:

    Love the runner beans – they must have used a lot of water as I don’t believe California gets much rain at all.

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