Sioo Wood Protection

January 28, 2014

sioo wood protection environmentally friendly Have you ever noticed how the wood in so many Scandinavian designed products is light and pretty?  Blonde wood and lime washes pervade and give such a clean and fresh but also warm sense.  Personally, I’m really fond of this look – far more than some of the other solutions that Shelley wrote about in her decking materials guide a few weeks ago.

I came across a few wooden decks while researching my book that had me wondering just how do some of these decks maintain such a light and pretty patina.

I think I found the answer — Sioo Wood Protection (I’m linking to the Swedish site because it seems to have more info than the English language site).   It is totally different from the oil based protectants that we are all accustomed to.  It is a silicon-based product that penetrates the wood and then crystallizes and forms permanent silicon crystals inside the wood.  The water protection  layer is applied on top of that which seals the wood (both from the outside in but also to prevent leaching of any other chemicals that may have been used on the wood).  The  two, together, clean and lighten the wood over time and are much more environmentally friends than petro-based products.   I don’t now of a product like it that is available in the states and the unfortunate thing is that I only see it available in Sweden and the UK — but maybe you know of it by some other name?  If so, I’d love to know, I’d so love to have a scandi-inspired clean and sealed deck.


image:  Sioo Wood Protection

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  1. I haven’t seen this used in the states myself, but I would love to see it and try it our myself! I quite like that blonde look it, and I like anything that is environmentally friendly.

  2. I use products from TimberPro based here is Portland, OR. Their Internal Wood Stabilizer does exactly the same thing with the silicate glass crystals. It is environmentally friendly as well. I use it on raised beds, decks, everything wood. It’s amazing and super easy to apply. If you want I can send you some photos of finished surfaces. I’m updating my website right now with new photos, so unfortunately there aren’t a ton on there with the Wood Stabilizer. Here’s TimberPro’s website:

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