Princess Fire

March 3, 2014

It’s funny to me how some things become so much more interesting when they are scaled down. Bigger is not always better and less is certainly more.  I find that particularly true when considering these diminutive firebowls by Ponkk.

Ponkk mini fireplaces for the garden via

This little guy (known as the Frog King) is only 9 inches wide and just a bit over a foot tall.   It burns briquets and small sticks and would be perfect for an outdoor party (where I think a bubbling pot of fondue sitting on top would be an excellent addition).Ponkk mini fireplaces for the garden via

Ponkk mini fireplaces for the garden via

Slightly bigger (but still quite tailored) is the ‘Bud’ pit (modeled after a budding flower).  I imagine a pair of these on plinths framing a path or at the corners of a patio.
Ponkk mini fireplaces for the garden via

But I think my most favorite is this little princess pit (which, for obvious reasons is called the Crown).  It is a foot wide and just barely over a foot tall.  Perfect for the center of a table and easy to move around to where ever you might want a sweet little flame.  Ponkk mini fireplaces for the garden via

Ponkk has some other interesting fire features that are well worth checking out.  All are handmade, quite reasonably priced, and each expresses a unique charm.


 images from Ponkk.


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