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Before & After: A California Yard Made Easy


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Hey everyone! I hope all your landscapes are thriving with color and curiosity during this first week of summer! It’s been a beautiful June here in Wisconsin– lots of rain, but nothing a good rain jacket won’t take care of. The flowers are loving it and it’s been nice to just let the garden do its thing. Anyway, let’s get onto the featured post! You may remember seeing Jerry Galanti’s work on the blog from time to time in the past. This week’s Before & After features a makeover out of Los Angeles, California. Jerry sent a few photos along with a quick write up about the project, stating that the homeowners had slightly different desires for the space. The wife wanted a clean and minimal look, but the husband wanted to keep his prized roses and vegetable gardens…2 very different ideas if you ask me! Click ahead to see what Jerry came up with!


To keep things simple, Jerry started out by removing the water-chugging lawn and built 2 raised beds to house the veggies alongside the cobble-gridded rose bed for the husband. He selected a warm colored gravel to build upon the cohesive feel and to add texture and warmth. The wife’s clean and minimal area features a clothesline and a potted succulents.



I like how this space was designed with 2 separate areas, each catering to differing tastes and ideas. So, this raises the question- how do you guys deal with differing tastes in your own gardens? Do your significant others have equal say in the garden decisions or do you have the freedom to do whatever you want? We’d love to hear about how you deal with this sort of challenge! And, as always- thanks so much for sharing, Jerry! -erin

Images by: Jerry Galanti

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  1. Debbie Feely says:

    Good question Erin! For years my husband had the front yard and I had the back. I am a cottage gardener, he is Pacific Rim. Then we redid our front yard and decided to have everything be ‘ours’. To blend our styles we went with colorful shrubs in the front yard. We have crepe myrtle, dwarf pomegranate, barberries, grasses, and lots more, some blooming and some just with colorful foliage. We both like it and it is easy to maintain and easy on the water.

  2. Diane says:

    I adore pavers and find more and more uses for them. Just like rock, (my number one love) pavers are forever! Lots of heavy lifting during the installation, yet when completed, hurrah! Check out my blog post on my herb bed redo using pavers here in central VA.

    Always looking for more ideas to reduce the amount of turf here, more paver projects are on the way.

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